That Kid's Got Game: San Francisco boy hits soft toss before age 2

Posted Feb 25 2018 04:58PM PST

Video Posted Feb 28 2018 01:31PM PST

Updated Feb 28 2018 01:40PM PST

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KTVU) - Andres “Lil Dre” Vega has game.

And he’s the latest youngster to be featured on “That Kid’s Got Game.”

The two-year-old slugger from San Francisco has the kind of at-bat swagger that baseball players take years to develop. He’s even got a little bat twirl he displays as he digs in and waits for the pitch.

His mother, Divina Vega, sent KTVU videos that show awesome progression. At 18 months, Lil Dre is seen making solid contact off a tee at AT&T Park. And then, just a few months later, he’s hitting soft toss with his dad – soft toss before age two!

And he’s not just putting his bat out there to make contact. Lil Dre lifts that front foot and drives the ball hard.

Civina Vega says he has been learning and playing sports since he was a baby, starting with sitting and watching on TV with his father. So far he’s tried baseball, basketball, soccer, golf and tennis. 

Every week we select a new contestant to appear on That Kid’s Got Game. For more information on how to be featured, visit here. 

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