Sammy Hagar turns 70, makes celebration movie

- One of the Bay Area's favorite rock stars just celebrated a major milestone and now it's been turned into a movie.

KTVU's Ken Wayne met up with Sammy Hagar before a preview of his concert movie called "Red Til I'm Dead."

This year's birthday bash at the Red Rocker's famous Cabo Wabo cantina in Mexico was extra special... because Sammy Hagar turned 70 years old.

Hagar told KTVU why he decided to have his annual birthday concert put on film.

"I felt like it's time. This is my 70th birthday. 'How many more of these am I gonna do after 26 years?'" 

"My fans are starting to get worried. They say, 'well Sammy might check out like some of those other guys.' I'm not. I'm going to be the oldest living rock star in the world some day."

Some of his rock and roll buddies, including Alice Cooper and Joe Satriani chimed in with video birthday wishes.

"You think he's older than me because he's been around longer and I'm actually older than him." Hagar said of Cooper.

Hagar first came to the Bay Area in 1967, launching his career with Ronnie Montrose and eventually becoming a star in his own right before joining Van Halen. He's said he's become rooted here.

"Everyone says I live in Mexico, I live in Hawaii and every place. 'Where do I really live?' I live in the Bay Area," Hagar said, adding that his Mill Valley routine includes hiking Mount Tamalpais. 

"I walk on that mountain every day. rain or shine i get up there. digging for mushrooms right now."

When asked what kind, Hagar gave a response that included a chuckle. 

"Well, porcini," he said. "Not those magic ones."

Hagar has ever evolving business ventures with ten restaurants, brands of tequila, rum and now something he calls "Mesquila" a mescal tequila blend.

"If I can't make something better than everyone else than I won't do it. That's my motto," Hagar said.

His most famous business is his Cabo Wabo Cantina, with the Baja original the scene of his new concert movie. It was screened at Mill Valley's Sweetwater Music Hall Wednesday night.

Hagar took the stage prior to the showing to address the packed house.

"I hope you enjoy it. It's kind of embarrassing walking around Mill Valley after you see this you're gonna go, oh, so that's how he really is."

There's no doubt the Red Rocker is still living the life at age 70, doing what he set out to do in 1967, but seemingly enjoying the ride now more than ever.

"I don't want to be richer and more famous. I'm happy to just play music and do this for the rest of my life," Hagar said. "Everybody says, 'how long can you do this?' Hey, 'til I can't do it no more. As long as I can sing what do I have to lose?"

The movie "Red Til I'm Dead" will play at select theaters around the Bay Area on December 5th.

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