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Posted Aug 07 2015 10:12AM PDT

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People often ask me where I’m from and what my nationality is and I can rarely avoid giving the long-winded answer. But here goes.

I was born in Manchester, England of Jamaican heritage and raised in the U.K and Canada.

I was educated in Canada and the United States so I consider myself a British, Jamaican Canadian or simply a man without a country.

My broadcasting career in many ways has gone full circle and, somehow by sheer luck and chance, brought me back to California, a state I love for its natural beauty and the magic if offers.

Where else can you ski in the mountains and swim in the ocean on the same day?

And this Canadian rarely complains about all the sunshine.

In many ways for me I feel like I’ve come back home.

In the late 1980s and early 90s, I was studying in Gilroy, California and later moved on to Hayward State. Years later they would change the name to Cal State East Bay. Still, it was easy to find the school on the hill and I remember all my short cuts through the Bay Area.

I first came to California in 1989 to play football for Gavilan College in Gilroy.

After graduating with an AA degree in business and liberal arts, I moved on to Hayward to finish my studies in business.

My time was cut short and I transferred my credits back to Canada after I signed a professional football contract with the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the Canadian Football League.

An undersized running back in the CFL didn’t cut it and a torn hamstring didn’t help me earn me a full-time spot on the team.

We had a locker room joke, "You can’t make the club if you’re in the tub.

To this day I believe the injury was the best thing that happened to me and set me on the right path.

I bounced around working as a political researcher, actor and stunt actor and appearing in small roles and doing commercial work voice and on camera work.

Life can be strange but you have to walk through every open door to see what’s on the other side.

I continued my studies in Montreal, Canada and studied Political Science at Concordia University.

It was in Montreal where I found my love for television with a weekly college television show that aired on campus. It was terrible, too.

I was encouraged enough to go to the offices of a local broadcaster one day and ride the elevator from the 10th floor down knocking on doors and handing out my resume.

One executive either felt sorry for me or was wondering how I got into the building but in the end I scored a newsroom internship with the CBC Canadas National broadcaster.

That’s where it began.

Now fully recovered from my football injury, teams once again starting calling me for tryouts but I passed to pursue television part-time while working full-time as a junior bank manager selling financial services and handling estates mortgages while studying for the securities exam.

My creative side was always burning so I went back to school to study radio and television in my home town of Calgary, Canada, which is very much like Denver, Montana and Texas.

One year into my two-year degree, I was hired as an overnight DJ for the local country western station, and by chance one day I caught the eye of a television executive who felt I was the perfect fit for his weekend sports anchor.

It was trial by fire and a rough start. I still have the tape of my first show in storage somewhere.

I left western Canada to work in another small market north of Toronto doing sports and caught a break when I made my jump to the U.S. to work as weekend sports anchor for WDIV NBC Detroit.

It was the opportunity I was looking for.

While in Detroit there were too many sports highlights to count and in 2002 I was assigned to cover the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, where I had the chance to ride in a bobsled, skate with Olympic speed skaters and I covered Big 10 college football games of Michigan and Michigan State.

I even took to the practice field with the Detroit Lions.

Covering the Pistons, Tigers, and Red Wings in the country's 9th largest media market rounded out this sports anchor reporter's dream.

Athletics has been a big part of my life and early career but I always had a love for politics, business and news so I jumped at the chance to work for FOX 5 New York.

My time in New York was filled with career highlights.

I covered local stories that garnered national attention, including the first presidential race of Barack Obama and his win.

I also was able to report on Bernie Madoff before we realized how big a story it would become and the resignation of New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer. And I’ll never forget the miracle on the Hudson flight No. 1549. It truly was the city that never sleeps.

The 2008 financial crisis sent me back to Canada for another three years.

But in in September of 2014 it was back across the border to KCRA Channel 3 in Sacramento, Calif., where I received my first Emmy nomination.

I hit the ground running at KCRA having to learn all there was to know about the mid-term elections.

It was a great experience working in the state Capitol as the 10pm anchor and reporter. What I didn’t know was just how small a world it would be.

Some of my stories and reports made it on air at KTVU FOX 2 News.

In this business, we can be mistaken for news mercenaries because of all the travel.

But all these various career paths and experiences have shaped who I am. And I approach life by being curious and adventurous and live by the code "life is good." It’s simple but it works.

I enjoy all genres of music and I also play the alto saxophone; not well enough to go on stage but certainly good enough to annoy neighbors, friends and family. Practice make perfect and I’ll get there.

Every now and then, I have to pinch myself when I reflect on how lucky I’ve been in this business and to have landed at such a great station as KTVU FOX 2.

I have always felt at home in the Bay Area and a good home is hard to find.

My family and friends back East tell me New York is the city that never sleeps but I tell them Oakland and the Bay Area are the places you never leave.

I love and enjoy everything about it. This is my life now and it’s something special.

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