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Posted Aug 04 2015 02:12PM PDT

Updated Aug 03 2017 11:52AM PDT

I can admit it, yes, I’m a Hulkamaniac and in March of 2015, my childhood fantasy became a reality. 

It was right here at KTVU FOX 2, where I had the opportunity to interview WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler Hulk Hogan, live on Mornings on 2. 

I remember watching the Hulkster as a child and always wanting to meet him.  So when Wrestlemania 31 came roaring into Santa Clara, I jumped at the chance to cover this dream assignment. (OK, at least it was my dream.)   

Since moving to the Bay Area eight years ago, I’ve embraced it as a second home.  Although, the road here started nearly 3,000 miles away in Philadelphia, where I was born and raised. 

We later moved to a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, called Fairfield for high school.

I was bit by the TV bug at a young age.  My mom worked behind the scenes at the Fox affiliate in Cincinnati.  So I spent a lot of time growing up in the newsroom. 

My first on air appearance was in a commercial for an amusement park that aired as part of Club 19’s, FOX Kids Club in Cincinnati.

It was at this time I knew I loved the television industry, but I planned on going to college to become a pediatrician. That is until my high school counselor told me how many years it would take to get my M.D.  That’s when the switch clicked and journalism became the front runner once again.

Then it was off to college, where I truly learned the art of working a television camera and audience. 

I became an Ohio State University Cheerleader giving me the opportunity to perform in front of 100,000+ people each week at The Horseshoe or Ohio Stadium.  Oh, btw... I also picked up a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Journalism.  

While at Ohio State, my television dreams started to come together.  I was picked to be a paid intern at WCMH NBC4 in Columbus, Ohio. One day while working on a story I learned how to Riverdance (an art I lost hmmm... shortly after I got it) and it was that talent that landed me my first professional job in front of the camera. 
I became an anchor and reporter at 13WMAZ in Macon Georgia.  In my demo tape I did a little “fancy” footwork and my news director said it made me stand out and she loved it and that’s why she decided to offer me the job.  

From there I moved back to Columbus again working for WCMH, but this time I traded the intern title for reporter. 

The next move was closer to my hometown of   Philadelphia, but it gave me my first appreciation of the Bay Area. 

I accepted the job as the Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief at Tech TV.  Although my home was DC the company was based in San Francisco and housed inside the former Sega, and current Zynga building. 

So I would travel to the Bay from time to time hitting up experts and companies in Silicon Valley to help tell the views about the use of technology in their daily life. 

Of course, this was way before social media took over the world and Twitter and Facebook became commonplace.   

KING 5 in Seattle was the last stop before moving to the Bay permanently.

When I’m not working, you’ll see me sporting some form of Ohio State gear cheering on my beloved Buckeyes. 

Giving back is extremely important to me, that’s why I volunteer my time as a “Big” to my “little” from Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. 

I’m also a big fan of traveling, movies, music, reality TV and of course Fox’s hit show “Empire”.  Enough about me, I want to hear from you.  Drop me a line or send me your story ideas.   

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